The members of IPSA RC 26 (Human Rights) have duly noted with deep regret that many of our Turkish colleagues and participants who were scheduled to attend and participate in RC 26 panels, had to resign and withdraw from the 2016 IPSA World Congress due to a travel ban imposed by the current Turkish government. RC 26 suffered from unexpected panel cancelations due to the recent travel ban.

In accordance with the IPSA Executive Committee statement (on this website), RC 26 is deeply concerned about the rising global trend of undermining academic freedom. RC 26 is also concerned about restricting freedom to travel in order to pursue academic activities and individual liberties of our Turkish colleagues. 

We stand for human rights not only in academic terms of teaching and research, but also in exercising it on a day- to- day basis. Therefore we show great solidarity with our Turkish colleagues and demand the government to change its course of action and restore and respect academic freedoms and human rights.