IPSA Research Committee 26 on human rights


Recognised as study group in 1980

Granted Research committee Status in 1987


Former Chairs: (from 2006): Zehra Arat, University of Connecticut, USA (2006-2012)Füsun Türkmen,Galatasaray University, Turkey (2012-2014), Anja Mihr, Center for Governance throw Human, Germany (2014-2016), Mikyoung Kim, Hiroshima City University-Hiroshima Peace Institute, Japan (2016-2018)

Former Secretaries: Mikyoung Kim, Hiroshima City University-Hiroshima Peace Institute, Japan (2012-2014), Henry Krisch (2014-2016), Tatiana Barandova, Saint-Petersburg, (2016-2018)

First Chairs (before 2006): Jacques Freymond, 1979-1982; David Forsythe, 1982-1988; Peter Baehr, 1988-1994 (deceased); Michael Freeman, 1994-2000; Michael Davis ,2000-2006  


Conferences of IPSA

RC26 was active in all IPSA World Congress, for example in 2008 Santiago and 2012 Madrid World Conferences of the IPSA it was organized four panels for each conference, in 2014 World Conference Montreal – five panels, in 2016 World Conference in Poznan – seven panels, in 2018 Brisbane World Conference – eight panels 

RC26 participated in both the Montreal (“International Political Science: New Theoretical and Regional Perspectives”, 2008) and Luxemburg (“European Models of Governance. A Comparative Perspective” ,2010)interim conferences of the IPSA. Members presented papers in thematic panels set by the IPSA and organized a panel with the national Political Science Association for the Montreal and Luxemburg conferences, respectively, 


Interim conferences of RC26 on Human Rights

1. «Post-Colonial Memories and Commemoration: Popular Representation of Comfort Women," co-sponsored by Military Comfort Women Study Group, Northeast Asia History Foundation, Justice & Memory Foundation and Chung-Ang University at Chung-Ang University, November 3, 2017.

2. 4th Joint Conference - Human Rights and Justice co-sponsored by Human Rights Section, International Studies Association (ISA) Human Rights Section, American Political Science Association (APSA), Standing Group on Human Rights and Transitional Justice, European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR). In association with The Hague Institute for Global Justice (THIGJ) Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS) International Human Rights Law Interest Group, European Society of International Law (ESIL) Transitional Justice and Rule of Law Interest Group, American Society of International Law (ASIL),  Hague, Netherlands, 8 June, 2015 - 10 June, 2015

3. “Human Rights and Change”, co-sponsored Human Rights Committee of ISA, APSA and ECPR, Istanbul, Turkey, 16-19 June 2014.

4. "Protection of Human Rights: Institutions and Practices", co-sponsored Human Rights Research Committee The Russian Political Science Association. In assocoation with  St. Petersburg branch of the National Research University Higher School of Economics and St.Petersburh NGO Center for political study and humanities ‘STRATEGY’.  St.Petersburg, Russia,  13-14 June 2013.

5. “Protecting Human Rights: Duties and Responsibilities of States and Non-State Actors,” co-sponsored by the Human Rights Section of the American Political Science Association, the Human Rights Section of the International Studies Association, at University of Glasgow, 18-19 June 2012. 

6. “War, Peace and Human Rights after the Cold War,” co-sponsored by the Korean International Studies Association, Seoul, S. Korea, June 16-17, 2011. 

7. “Assessing the State of Human Rights Nine Years after 9/11,” co-sponsored by the Human Rights Section of the American Political Science Association, the Human Rights Section of the International Studies Association, at Roosevelt University, Chicago, June 19-20, 2010. 

8. “Nationalism and Human Rights,” co-sponsored by Istanbul Bilgi University Human Rights Law Research Center, Istanbul, Istanbul Bilgi University, June 27-29, 2008.