REMINDER: Invitation to collaborate with Main Theme Chairs

Dear RC Chairs, Co-Chairs and officers,

Today I address you in order to inform you about the progress of preparation of the 2016 IPSA Congress and the Main Theme Panels.

The call for panels and papers for the 2016 IPSA Congress in Istanbul should be going 'live' on May 20, 2015. In the meantime, the statements for the various Main Theme subsections of the Congress are available at:

In order to maximize synergies between the RC sessions and Main Theme sessions I would urge you to contact the chair of the relevant Main Theme session to exchange information and plans. Sometimes at previous Congresses there has been duplication across the different session types because of lack of communication between the relevant chairs. This time we are hoping that lines of communication can be opened up as soon as possible. To give but one example, it would be wonderful if the chairs of the various public policy and structure of government RCs could contact Chan Wook Park, who is chairing the public policy and administration Main Theme subsection.

The full list of Main Theme Chairs and their contact details are as follows:

MT01 Comparative Politics, Democracy and Regime Types Chair: Marianne Kneuer -

MT02 Identity Politics, Social and National Movements Chair: Linda Cardinal -

MT03 International Political Economy and Globalisation Chair: Mark Kesselman -

MT04 – International Relations Chair: David A. Baldwin - dbaldwin@Princeton.EDU

MT05 Political Institutions and Civic Engagement Chair: Rieko Kage -

MT06 Political Theory Chair: Terrell Carver -

MT07 Public Policy and Administration Chair: Chan Wook Park -

Please note that you will receive detailed information on the submission process and procedures for the participation of IPSA Research Committees at the 24th IPSA World Congress from the IPSA congress team on May 20, 2015.

We invite you to visit the IPSA website as of May 20, 2015 for information on the call for papers, important dates and registration!

The Program Committee is thankful four your cooperation!

Best regards,

Marianne Kneuer (Chair Committee on Research and Training)